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At Skynail by Sugar, we take pride in nurturing a professional team of experts in the nail industry. Join us and assemble your career alongside a group of passionate professionals who are dedicated to excellence and innovation.

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Always First

The partners gain the first-in-line benefit by receiving exclusive access to new products, training, and industry insights. This advantage enables you to stay ahead of the competition, enhance their business offerings, and forge stronger relationships with clients, leading to increased success and profitability.

Discount Price

By offering a discount price to our members, technicians can enjoy significant savings, making it an attractive incentive to purchase the product or service from Skynail by Sugar. We will offer you a pro-code that can be used to purchase our collections at a discounted price.

Partnership Opportunities

We believe in fostering strong partnerships with our business customers. As a valued business customer of Skynail by Sugar, you may have opportunities for collaboration, joint marketing efforts, and co-branding initiatives, expanding your skills and techniques reach and exposure.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program for partners of Skynail by Sugar presents a first-in-line benefit through the potential for additional income streams. By participating in the program, professionals can earn commissions or incentives for referring customers or promoting specific products or services. This allows them to diversify their revenue sources, expand their network, and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses in the industry.

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Skynail by Sugar

As part of our expert team, you'll have the opportunity to thrive in an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and creativity. We believe in empowering our team members, providing them with the tools and support needed to excel in their roles.

Work Together

Together, at Skynail by Sugar, we strive to redefine industry standards and make a lasting impact in the world of nails. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, we welcome you to join us as we build something extraordinary together.

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Skynail by Sugar

As a member of our team, you'll be surrounded by like-minded professionals who share a common goal of delivering exceptional nail technique and operating nail salon services.