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Get a flawless, long-lasting manicure with our Top Coat Gel! Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly touching up your nails - our non-wipe top gel can be applied multiple times with ease and peace of mind. With reinforced glass, it's incredibly durable and resistant to everyday scratches. Enjoy a sparkling, transparent glass shine that will last throughout the month without any heating, shrinking, discoloration, or chipping. Our Top Coat Gel is perfect for achieving perfect leveling and curing, giving you a professional-quality finish every time. Upgrade your nail game with our top-performing, non-wipe top gel today!

Self-love comes in all shades of red and pink and brown

✹ You can apply it multiple times with peace of mind! A perfect non-wipe top gel that doesn't peel, separate or chip.

✹ Coated with reinforced glass, it has strong durability without everyday scratches.

✹ A sparkling glass shine that remains transparent throughout the month.

✹ No heating, no shrinking, no discoloration, no chipping.

✹ Perfect leveling, perfect curing, non-wipe top gel.

Production period

36 months, 1080 days, 25920 hours

Total samples


Durability tests

1800 times

Formulation mods

52 times