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Get your gel base with professional tools from Skynail by Sugar

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Protein+ Keep Healthy Nail

Specially Formulated

Provide multiple benefits for your nails. It acts as a protective layer, strengthening your natural nails and promoting healthy growth. The gel base also enhances the adhesion of gel polish, ensuring long-lasting wear. With its smooth texture and easy application, our gel base creates a flawless canvas for stunning nail art designs. Experience the difference with our high-quality gel base that delivers durability, flexibility, and an impeccable finish to your manicures.

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Gel Base Set

Premium Non-Toxic Skynail by sugar's gel base set. Neon Zipper Bag Included!

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Your Own Tools

Free Sugar Pouch Included.

You are welcome to bring along your personally engraved tools to salons in order to mitigate the risk of infections that might arise from the communal use of implements on your sensitive skin and nails.

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Discover our exquisite collection of professional tools and premium gel base sets.

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Elevate your nail care routine with our professional tools, designed for precision and durability. Achieve salon-quality results at home with ease.